Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Etsy "Situation"

A lot of talk has been fluttering around the internets about Etsy and their Crazy Privacy Policy issue.
In the past several weeks, Etsy has:

 If you have an Etsy account, I hope you've checked your settings and made sure that it is what you want it to be.  If your name is googled, do you want your Etsy purchases to be revealed as well?

This has turned a lot of people off of this handcrafting marketplace. I don't really blame them, to be honest. Although Etsy is extremely popular and has many, many customers (in fact, many of my sales came from people searching on Etsy for mineral makeup, rather than from outside sources), I feel like a wave of people are "waking up" so-to-speak and leaving the Etsy community in droves.

I took the opportunity to look into Art Fire, a selling community I had previously left unconsidered.  It turns out that Artfire has several advantages over Etsy for both the seller and the buyer.

I'm going to write a post that goes into detail about the pros and cons of Artfire vs. Etsy, but in the meantime, what you should know is that I am hoping to use Artfire exclusively if I can generate enough sales/ traffic there.  When you visit my domain (http://www.bokehface.com) you are taken directly there, and the fantastic news is that you don't need an Artfire account to shop there!

You can also shop the Artfire store directly from my facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/bokehface).  It's listed in the leftside menu under "Art Fire Kiosk".

Should you choose to use Etsy instead, my shop will be there at least until my listings expire (sometime in June).

Please let me know what you think!  Are you more compelled to buy something from Etsy than from somewhere else?  Will you follow your favorite sellers to Artfire if they leave Etsy?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I have no problem following you to ArtFire. In fact I already made an account there. =]

  2. When I found out that ArtFire didn't charge transaction/listing fees and could result in better profits for sellers, I decided I'd shop there when possible.

    I'm hoping a few last favorite sellers of mine will migrate, because I would prefer to avoid Etsy as much as possible now.

  3. Yay! Can't wait to see your next post!

    I'm definitely pro-artfire. As a seller, it's great because the fees to sell are so much lower than Etsy's. As a buyer it's great because you don't need to register for an account to buy- which means your purchse history will remain private forever, even if Artfire does some weird social shopping thing with their registered users (which is highly unlikely, LOL).