Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lip Creams

Hello Bokeh Faces!

Are you ready for some sweet new lippies?

Introducing: Bokeh Face Lip Creams!

Cosmic: A dark, pretty, berry pink with gold shimmer.

Villainess: A toned down lavender color. Perfect for bad girls (you know who you are!)

Our Lip Creams are exceptionally shiny and moisturizing! Each one is poured by hand in limited quantities (our mold can only make four at a time).

We'll be adding these to the shop sometime today at a introductory price of $8. Stay tuned for more colors!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meet Lola

Hi everyone!

Bokeh Face has successfully re-opened, and I want to introduce you to a new gal you'll probably be seeing around the blog, twitter and facebook.

This is Lola,  an all around awesome person and friend who has graciously agreed to help with all kinds of Bokeh-related projects. Perhaps most excitingly is the party-planning - parties are something we're hoping to start having locally in July. 

Stay tuned for a tutorial on achieving a sexy, retro, pin-up look featuring Lola and Bokeh Face eyeshadows!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Letter to You

Dear Bokeh Faces,

I truly wish I didn't have to write this post, but I definitely need to apologize to everyone for the issues that BFC has been having.  When we started growing, it was super fun and exciting!  ... and then it got to be a bit more than I could handle by myself.  Unfortunately, the turn-around time started to get longer and longer, and I even managed to send a few orders to the wrong people entirely.  The things I wanted to offer to set myself apart from other companies became things I couldn't deliver.  Scrambling around to fix the things I messed up certainly added to an already overwhelming pile of to-dos, and not only has my business suffered but my customers have as well!

A lot of you have been more than kind, understanding, and gracious, knowing that Bokeh Face is just one gal who bit off a bit more than she could chew. I truly appreciate that, and I really appreciate all of the feedback I've received, be it positive or negative.  The absolute last thing I want is to be that company that no one can trust and that everyone knows implicitly to steer clear from.  So here's the deal: BFC is going to close for a little bit (hopefully no longer than a week or so) to get everything in order again.  All current orders will be processed as normal.  I have two people joining my team to help with packing/shipping and other miscellaneous things.  I know that every new business makes mistakes, so I want to make sure that I handle this the right way.

I'm hoping that addressing this honestly will convince some of you to give us another chance - and if not, I promise my feelings won't be hurt.  There's nothing that I hate more than poor customer service, and I really don't want to be *that* company - especially in an already-saturated-with-poor-business-practices indie makeup market. 

Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions, concerns, complaints, or whatever. I really appreciate the understanding that some of you have given me, and I also understand the complete frustration and anger that some of you feel. I'm hoping that I can bounce back an even more fantastic company!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facebook Fan Sale

Right now we have a 20% off sale for Facebook fans only - visit our page and "like" us to get the code! Runs through next Wednesday (6/22).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

News and Awesome

Whew! It has been a long time since the blog has been updated, hasn't it?

Just a quick update to let you all know that the website is currently down because we're launching a new webstore! We're super excited about it, but it's a huge bummer that the site is down. Cross your fingers; we're hoping to have it back up tonight!

In related news, our very new Roy G Biv collection is now available: six vibrant shades inspired by the colors of the rainbow. Check them out!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bokeh Face on WQOW!

Sadly, I can't embed the video here for some reason, but you can click this link and see it!

I'll see if I can get it embedded soon... cross your fingers...

And remember... for every $10 spent, get $5 in free stuff! ONLY until midnight tonight; just put the extra items that you want in the notes to seller.

Super Fancy TV Sale!

Hey everyone!

As you've probably noticed if you follow Bokeh Face on twitter or facebook, we're going to be featured on a local news broadcast tonight. Chris Stanford of WQOW News 18 does a segment called "How Do They Make That Stuff?" and tonight, we're it!

To celebrate our very first TV debut (hehe) we're offering a FANTASTIC promotion until MIDNIGHT (in your local timezone) tonight!

For every $10 that you spend, you will receive $5 in free makeup!! For instance, if you spend $50, you can order an additional $25 worth for FREE!

What will you spend it on? Eyeshadow? Foundation? Blush...?

No promo code necessary; just put the extra items you want in the notes to seller.

Hurry!!! This sale is only until midnight tonight!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Know Your Makeup

I want to point you all in the direction of this post on Cinnamon Candies about the drama surrounding some indie makeup companies and why not all of us are like that! Thanks, Candace!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tie the Knot: wedding-inspired eye & lip palette

Wedding Season is upon us! If you have a wedding in your future, you're going to love our latest product:


Tie the Knot is a gorgeous palette of three eyeshadows, one eyeliner, and a lipcolor. Slip the slim palette into your Maid of Honor's purse on the big day, or into your own on other days you want a soft, classic look.

What's inside:

Lipcolor: Honeymoon

A sheer, barely-there kiss of romantic color. Easy to apply with the included brush, and just sheer enough to not leave a stain on the many people you'll be kissing - from your grandma's cheek to your groom's lips.

Mineral Eyeliner: Garter
This eyeliner is a soft black that subtly enhances your eyes when smudged ever-so-slightly into the lash line. If you want something a little more sultry and dramatic, go ahead and wing it out! Everyone knows that you can't go wrong with a classic, black liner. To use: wet an angled eyeliner brush and swirl lightly on the surface of the makeup. Apply a narrow line to your lash line. Layer as needed for more drama.

Mineral Eyeshadow: Champagne
With subtle shimmer and maybe a few bubbles, Champagne is going to be your new go-to color. It's not very dramatic (unlike your future in-laws, amiright?) but hey, your wedding is about looking gorgeous, soft, and natural.

Mineral Eyeshadow: Bouquet
Bouquet is a soft pink with an *almost* iridescent peach sheen. This eyeshadow is a pleasant surprise when smudged into your crease, or a breathtakingly lovely whole-lid color.


Mineral Eyeshadow: Diamond Bling
You know that half the fun of your engagement and wedding is the rock on your left hand! Diamond Bling was designed to highlight your brow bone and bring light to your eyes. This color catches the light in photographs amazingly. Pro tip: I have even used a tiny bit of this as a highlighter over my blush for an extra dewy look. Try it out; you'll see!

Each palette includes two dual-sided brushes for easy application. It will come packaged in a lovely little box; perfect for gift giving or simply treating yourself.


Normally $25, Tie the Knot is on sale for $20 for a limited time!




Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Foundation

News!! We now make our Featherweight Fantastic Foundation in FIVE shades! In addition to Pale, Medium-Pale, and Medium, we now have Medium-Tan and Tan!

Find it here.