Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lip Creams

Hello Bokeh Faces!

Are you ready for some sweet new lippies?

Introducing: Bokeh Face Lip Creams!

Cosmic: A dark, pretty, berry pink with gold shimmer.

Villainess: A toned down lavender color. Perfect for bad girls (you know who you are!)

Our Lip Creams are exceptionally shiny and moisturizing! Each one is poured by hand in limited quantities (our mold can only make four at a time).

We'll be adding these to the shop sometime today at a introductory price of $8. Stay tuned for more colors!


  1. I love the packaging! Hopefully you'll be adding more colors to the line too!

  2. OHMYGOD SEND ME SOME ASAP! I love the tubes! So freaky cute! Love, love, love!

  3. By the way... you still have your lumpy space princess giveaway button on your sidebar! lol

  4. May I ask the ingredients? I'm allergic to a lot of them :-(