Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Featherweight Fantastic Foundation

We're so excited to finally share our collection of foundations!!

Bokeh Face Featherweight, Fantastic Foundation (say that five times fast) is exactly what you're looking for in an everyday makeup. Designed specifically for gals who are looking for a medium coverage, layerable, natural-looking formula. 

This powder is ultra-light and soft; it feels amazing and silky going on, and stays all day. Unlike some high-end mineral foundations, our formula never contains Bismuth Oxychloride, which can aggravate or cause cystic acne in some people. For those of you who have concerns about or sensitivities to talc, you can rest assured that this is talc-free as well. 

Unlike liquid foundation, mineral powders apply with a brush so blending is easy. It doesn't streak like liquid foundation can, and buffs into translucency (meaning you'll never have that ugly foundation line again!) For girls with dry skin (like myself), it's amazing because you can blend it right on top of your favorite facial moisturizer. For gals with oily skin, it's equally amazing because it's absorbent and eliminates shine. 

Most importantly, however: Featherweight Fantastic Foundation covers up your imperfections but doesn't look like a heavy, cakey makeup. You won't look like you're wearing makeup; you'll look like someone who doesn't *need* makeup.

This product comes in a full, 20-gram, sealed sifter jar. 

But, what if this color isn't right for me??
UGH, shopping for foundation is hard- I know firsthand! Being borderline albino, most every store bought foundation has been too dark for me. Therefore, if this doesn't work out for you, send it back in the original container for store credit or for an exchange (just pay for shipping). If you're between colors, let me know and I can blend them for you!

Swirl brush in powder and tap off excess. Swish onto face, blending evenly... Repeat until you have the desired coverage. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Interested?  They're available for $10 in my etsy shop:

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