Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Name That Collection Contest

Introducing: An exciting new contest for Bokeh Face Fans in two easy steps!

YOU get to name the next Bokeh Face eyeshadow collection! 

Step 1:  Tell me about your new collection in the comments.  Name up to 10 eyeshadows.  What is the inspiration behind it?  What do you envision when you imagine it?  Why did you pick what you did?  Get creative, and feel free to go into more depth on your personal site.  Just remember to include a link! 

Step 2:  Blog, tweet, or facebook about this contest.  Leave a link in your comment, as well.  

The winning entry will have a collection of eyeshadow designed and named around their idea.  

Here's the best part:  the winner will receive the entire collection as a prize.  

That's 10 original, fabulous Bokeh Face eyeshadows designed for YOU.  Just for sharing your vision.

The entries will be judged on their originality, humor, eccentricity... basically whichever I think is the best.  The collection will be available for sale in the Bokeh Face store (both as individual pieces and as a collection).

Entires will be closed on May 1, 2011.  Happy Naming!

ETA more details:  The collection will be loose powder eyeshadows, and there is no minimum number.  Although, I've always been a believer of "more is better" when it comes to eyeshadow colors ;-)  Also, you DO NOT have to choose the colors, although you certainly can if you want.  


  1. My collection would be called 'shabby chic'
    My inspiration behind it: I absolutely love shabby chic, Feminine style, Emphasis is on a soft touch, neutral colors.


    All my names and what not are posted on my blog

  2. Up to 10? Is there a bare minimum number? Is this for a set of loose eyeshadows, or can it be a pressed palette? Thanks for the contest, Natalie!

  3. @MissJupiter - I added the answers to your questions at the bottom of the post. Thanks for bringing them up!

  4. Here's my post about the collection I would do! It's all ZOMBIE themed <3 because zombies are love!

    I hope you like it <3
    And good luck to all entrants!

  5. my collection would be named: Summer Romance. Sounds all "awwwwww. pinks. soft. neutral." oh no no no. reminds me of my past summers. partying. boys before the husband =], etc. ...
    so, toss these colors on even in winter to remind you of your summer!


    i also tweeted:

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  6. My collection would be called "Picture, Perfect, Plastic" It's based on and greatly inspired by the fantabulous "Queen Of Beautiful" Jeffree Star. I took tid-bits of his lyrics and twisted them into colors for my collection. A pink theme runs strongly threw it but i tried to bring a lot of color into it for variety that could also be used together.

    More description and rough color visuals in the blog post

    I also tweeted :D

    GlampireKatt @ Gmail.com

  7. Hello! My collection would be called "Make Believe", and it would be theatre themed... because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE theatre :). The colors would be rich-mostly rich, glamorous, velvety, mostly dark colors mixed with some warm neutrals.

    My color names (and an additional color palette-sorry for the lame layout of them :D):


    (it's bilingual... the first part is in Hungarian, the other one is in English :D)


  8. I'd like to participate, but just a quick question: May I use the image at the top of the post on my own blog post pertaining to this contest?

  9. @Vijiis: you are more than welcome to use the image. Thanks for entering!

  10. Thanks for getting back to me!

    Here's my entry! My collection would be called 'Say What?!'

    The rationale behind it is that EVERYONE loves music, but I'm pretty sure that everyone has (at some point) heard something bizarre in place of what an actual song lyric is. Each of the ten colors' names that I've chosen come from a funny or weird misheard lyric from a song that I know. I've elaborated for each one on my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

  11. My collection would be a Big Lebowski Collection.

    I'm so happy to have been able to allow my creative juices to flow on this. How much fun!! :D You can see all the color names and descriptions :

    My Blog Post Entry

    Thanks so much for having such a great contest. This was a blasty blast just to enter!

  12. I don't have a blog or personal page, so I have to put the goods right here! I also posted this to my profile on FB.

    My collection would be called the "Fairytale Collection" inspired by all the nights of reading those stories to my son. Fairytales are classics and my colours would be rich jewel tones with gold/bronze/copper shimmers added to them. Both the name and colour should illustrate the story that it's names from :)

    1) Spun gold- gold/beige shimmer
    2) Gingerbread Lane- molasses brown/bronze shimmer
    3) Falling Sky- dusty light blue with pink/gold duochrome
    4) Princess Pea- soft pink with green/gold duochrome
    5) Glass slipper- Vanilla gold shimmer
    6) Brick House- deep ox blood with bronze shimmer
    7) Sherwood- olive green with Bronze shimmer
    8) Arabian Nights- deep plum purple with gold
    9) Forbidden Fruit- Ruby red with gold
    10)Down the rabbit hole- deep smokey grey with gold

  13. I think my collection would be called Rockstar Princess

    1. Moody--a dark greenish blue more blue than green with some silver shimmer

    2. Diva Tantrum--dark crimson red with gold

    3. Pop Princess--vivid dark pink

    4. Rapa-purple--grape purple

    5. Rockstar Shine--sand color with diamond sparkles

    6. Industrial--black with fine silver glitter

    7. Mirror Ball--shimmery silver

    8. In the Club--eyeshadow that looks like it has multiple colors involved maybe a blend of blue/green/pink with multiple glitter colors

    angiewith3 at live dot com

  14. RT'd giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/angiewith3/status/62209144278618112
    angiewith3 at live dot com

  15. I tweeted a couple times (http://twitter.com/#!/Bhevarri/status/62052801299222528) but forgot to mention it. So here you are! There are some awesome entries =D Can't wait to see who comes out on top!

  16. Oohh... This is going to be fun.

    I just came up with my blog post, and you can find it here: Bokeh Face - Apocalypse Rising Collection. It lists all the names, funny descriptions... And finally colors!

    Talk about in the nick of time!

  17. Oh, and it's automatically shared through my Facebook Page!!

    Good luck to everyone!! Can't wait to see who gets it!!

  18. My collection would be called: Journey through Japan

    The color names (details can be found on my blog): Geisha, Harajuku, Tokyo, Koi, FLoating World, Rising Sun, Manga, Ikebana, Kanji, and Kawaii.


  19. My email is: mcmaestas at gmail dot com

  20. Oh sheesh... I forgot to post my email!
    trinnity218 gmail dot com

  21. I don't normally have a blog, but created something for this contest. You can see it here:



  22. Forgot to include my tweet: