Thursday, February 17, 2011

Know Your Makeup Pt. 1

Hello Everyone,

A lot of people have been asking how I "make" makeup. In fact, a lot of people assume that it's purchased through a private-sale company or that I just repackage it. I can definitely understand this assumption, because before I started researching it, I honestly didn't think anyone could produce real cosmetics without a lab and access to special chemicals and whatnot.

So no, I do not repackage makeup, nor do I purchase it from a private-sale company. Everything I sell is completely original and 100% hand made, from scratch, by myself. Okay, every once in awhile I'll make my husband or sister help, but other than that, it's just me!

Hoooowwww do I do that, you ask?
Well, without getting into too many details about the "how" (hey, I spent a lot of hours researching this and perfecting my formula!), I will tell you that I purchase raw ingredients from various cosmetic supply companies, and mixing them together (in the case of powder makeup) or "cooking" them, essentially (in the case of lip products, eye primer, etc), is what makes the product.

I'm going to be getting into a series of posts about the different chemicals commonly used in cosmetics (some of them I use, some I don't) and what is known about them, and what this means to you.

Then, armed with your new knowledge, you can head on over to my shop, read the ingredients list, and be confident in your purchase!


BTW: a GREAT source for all things cosmetic-chemistry related is The Beauty Brains blog. Two things I love: Makeup and Science!

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